ACU kicks off second fall camp under Adam Dorrel


The ACU Wildcats started fall camp this morning. 

When the Wildcats reported yesterday, they said the first day of fall camp is like Christmas morning. Well it was certainly a hot and energetic Christmas morning at ACU today.

“I feel like a little kid in the candy store, I’m back to hitting people,” Linebacker Qua’Shawn Washington said. 

“Football is a great outlet and I get to do it with all of my boys so it’s really a blast and when you get out on the field, we get to exert all of our energy and leave it out on the field.”

The ACU Wildcats hit the field today for the first practice of the 2018 football season. There are always a few learning curves in the first day of practice…

“It was okay, I told the guys at the end of practice we need to learn how to finish practice, it got a little hot but overall it was pretty good,” head coach Adam Dorrel said. “I really try to focus on the first couple of days getting the freshman to understand how to transition from drill work, getting lined up for drills.”

But the Wildcats have a full month of fall camp to get ready for the season.

“I’m expecting big things from everybody in fall camp and I feel like we’re in condition, we have better places to go really,” Washington said.

With a full year of coaching the Wildcats under his belt, the first practice of year two has already been a lot easier for head coach Adam Dorrel.

“It’s good, it’s exciting, honestly it’s a lot less stressful because a lot of the minutae is done and we know how to do it, and that’s all behind us,” Dorrel said.

And now that the players know coach Dorrel, they can just focus on getting ready for Baylor on September 1st. 

“This time last year, I feel like a lot of guys were trying to figure out the playbook,” Bill Weber said. “Now I feel like there’s no excuses for not knowing your plays, not knowing what you need to do.”

“With us going into our first fall camp with Coach Dorrel, we already know what he wants,” Dante Hibbert said. 

“Last year, we didn’t know what he wanted. This year we actually know what he wants, what he wants us to do, how he wants it done, and the time period he wants it done in.”

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