In their first year in the Western Athletic Conference, the ACU Men’s Tennis team won the conference title.

Before the season started, the players and Head Coach Juan Nunez made a bet which included Nunez having to get a special haircut, if the Wildcats were to win the conference.

“I think it was Dario that said, ‘you have to get a mullet if we win the conference tournament,’ and I said, ‘yeah, sure!’ From then on, trust me, they never forgot. We were still in the middle of the celebration and then I started hearing the, ‘uh oh the mullet’s coming, uh oh.’ It’ll be there for the NCAA’s. I’ll put a hat on so it doesn’t look too crazy, but then I have my brother’s wedding. So I’ll have to get back to all business, not just the business in the front, party in the back type of thing,” said ACU Tennis Director Juan Nunez.

The Wildcats will find out who they are facing in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Monday.