The ACU men’s basketball team is on a five-game losing streak, something they’re not used to.

Head coach Brette Tanner said this morning the team is back healthy but especially they’re going to work to get out of this slump and start winning some games.

Brette Tanner said, “I mean you’re not supposed to do it this way ya know win eleven in a row then lose five in a row, hopefully it doesn’t turn into eleven in a row. But ya know, it’s part of the game man. I mean when we sign up for this we know we’re gonna go through this. I think the biggest thing is it’s a great opportunity ya know for us to kind of learn and grow and fight through adversity. Yeah I think we’re gonna turn around and if you ask me I would say we’re gonna win the rest, ya know I don’t know. But I can promise you this we’re gonna compete and we’re gonna attack every game like we’re gonna win. But are we gonna go out there and play ACU basketball? Absolutely.”

ACU men host Seattle U Redhawks this Thursday.