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ACU will officially join the Western Athletic Conference after the announcement made yesterday morning by the WAC. This presents another stepping stone in the Div. I era for the Wildcats. This athletic program is excited for the next chapter.

Allen Ward said, “I know it says a lot about our program for the others that were involved in this process to want to include ACU. With what we’ve done with our facilities and the success that we’ve had, I know this last year has been weird not being able to finish our seasons but the year before we won five championships, we had both our men and women in the NCAA tournament. That was a great start for us and I expect that to continue. We’re gonna have to up our game in a lot of different areas with the WAC, but we were not gonna miss out on this opportunity.”

Head men’s basketball coach Joe Golding and head women’s coach Julie Goodenough approve of the move to the WAC. They’re thankful for the leadership of athletics and decisions made in this process.

Joe Golding said, “Obviously we take a lot of pride in our program and where we’ve been and where we’ve come from. There was a point and time where we were one of the worst Div. I teams in the country, there’s no secret in that. There’s been a lot of blood sweat and tears to build this thing, we’re awfully proud of where we’re at right now and obviously excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in the WAC. I don’t think any of this happens without our administration. Both Phil Schubert and Allen Ward have a vision and way back for this to happen. We have to continue to build on that and they know that. There has to be more investments made and we’re making those.”

Julie Goodenough said, “There’s gonna be a lot to learn, but the fact that we’re about to open a brand new facility in the fall of 2021, it just seems appropriate to join a new conference as well. So, lots of newness, lots of excitement, Moody will transform our program and I think it will open up the opportunity to recruit a different level of players that we haven’t been able to because of our facilities.”

Although there’s been a lot of talk about the move to the WAC, both basketball teams still have a Southland Conference season to finish and remain focused on the present.

Goodenough said, “Our team, they’re rock stars. They’re awesome. It’s January 15th and we’ve exhausted all three of our byes already and so we do not have a break, we’re just gonna roll through the season. It’s gonna be two days of prep, play a game, two days of prep, play a game and I think they’re ready for it, in fact they’re kind of tired of not having games.

Golding said, “I’ve enjoyed coaching this team, they’re fun to coach. They deserve the rankings and everything that’s come to them at this point. They’ve handled their schedule very well, but we obviously have a tough stretch, we have a lot to prove.”

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