The ACU Wildcats are coming off a hard fought win in the I-20 rivalry against the Tarleton Texans last weekend.

Each week head coach Keith Patterson says the Wildcats are getting healthy and that makes a huge difference, especially for the offense

“Yeah I mean the same thing we’ve done all year long, we wanna continue to improve and show improvement and I think we’re getting better each and every week. I think that now that we’re getting healthier, I think we’re being able to continue to gel as a team and as a unit for the first time all season. We’ve got some momentum with our guys out front and our offensive line being able to play together. So, I think that’s very important and that’s why you see the growth on the offensive side of the ball,” said head coach Keith Patterson.

The next football game for ACU is at Sam Houston with kicks off at noon on Saturday. If the Wildcats win, then they are just one win away from an automatic bid to the FCS playoffs.