ACU’s Paul Hiepler talks about becoming an internet sensation after beating Texas

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BCH Sports Max Preston sat down with ACU’s bench hype man Paul Hiepler to get his thoughts on going viral on several social media platforms during and after the Wildcats victory over Texas in the men’s national tournament.

Max Preston said, “I’m here with internet sensation, ACU hype man, the man, the myth, the legend Paul Hiepler. Paul thank you for meeting with us today and doing a story with us. It’s been a crazy last month and a half for the ACU basketball team, you win the Southland Conference and you take on Texas in the NCAA tournament. Just kind of take us through the emotions during that game and the emotions after the game when you win.”

Paul Hiepler said, “It was super weird being at the game, because you’re in such a big stadium and we had a lot of fans there but it’s Lucas Oil Stadium, it seats thousands and thousands of people. In warmups, it was like being in the middle of a medow, it was so quiet and peaceful, I couldn’t even hear the music. You don’t feel like you’re playing in front of millions of people watching. It felt like a normal game, when we win the game we charged the court and everything, it felt like we won an intramural game, because you just hear light clapping in the distance, but it was amazing, unforgettable.

Preston said, “After the game though, big viral sensation for you. The big image of you putting the horns down after you beat Texas, and then a bunch of posts made on the March Madness Instagram, CBS, you’re just all over with the horns down, but also you’re the ACU hypeman. When you see it on your phone, going viral on multiple websites, platforms or whatever, what are you thinking as you’re a viral sensation as the hype man of ACU?”

Hiepler said, “After the game we’re celebrating everything with the team, we’re going nuts. You don’t think what just happened, actually happened. I knew my phone was gonna be going crazy because of friends and family and everything, but it was like nothing I could have imagined. The first thing, I clicked on Twitter and I see the three picture of me on there and my first thought was oh shoot. It was hilarious seeing that. It’s rare that you ever get that opportunity to be like that and it was hilarious.”

Preston said, “With gradutation coming and when you’re done with the school, what’s your plans after leaving ACU?”

Hiepler said, “I’m getting married in June to my fiance that I’ve been dating for five years since high school. I’m super stoked about that, it’s gonna be great and I’m attending law school in the fall and couldn’t be more excited about that. I always look ahead to the next chapter as the best chapter. I was excited about my time here and that was the perfect moment to walk off into the sunset. So, loved my time here, but I couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter because it’s gonna be the best one.”

Preston said, “Absolutely, Paul thank you so much. Congrats on a great season and good luck in the future. From ACU, for Big Country Sports, I’m Max Preston.

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