The ACU Wildcats got back on the winning track over the weekend with a victory over NCAA Division II Western New Mexico.

The Wildcats leaned on the running game, and the running backs, Rovaughn Bangs and Jeremiah Dobbins combined for 248 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

It’s the best game on the ground this year, and head coach Keith Patterson was happy to see it.

Patterson said, “I was proud of the way we ran the ball. When you have two rushers gain over 100 yards, that was very impressive. I just like the mentality that both Jeremiah and Rovaughn had. They were getting the ball and running behind their pads. I was excited to see that. That was good for us to maintain that kind of balance where you 200-plus yards rushing and 200 yards-plus passing.”

The Wildcats open Western Athletic Conference play play on Saturday against Utah Tech in St. George, Utah. The game kicks at 8 p.m.