JV Seat’s high school basketball experiences were like any other athletes, but before high school, he had to deal with obstacles most 9-year-old’s didn’t have to.

JV Seat said, “Growing up it was a struggle with just the two of us, we were homeless for awhile. Just trying to find places to stay. Then, I went to the Oklahoma shelter or whatever. Then I went to the Boy’s Ranch. Then, from the Boy’s Ranch is where I met Gabe.”

JV got to know Gabe Seat at school and they became inseparable. Through that relationship he got to know Gabe’s parents.

Rob Seat said, “So we got to know JV when Gabe, our other son, when both of them were in third grade. They met at Chisholm Elementary School and JV was at the Baptist Boy’s Home, out just off of I-35. And, they were friends. They were out playing basketball during recess together. At one point, Gabe wanted JV to come over and hangout. So, one thing led to another and here we are.”

One day JV decided he didn’t want to be alone anymore.

JV added, “I decided that, that really I wanted to be adopted. By the Seat Family.”

Katie Seat said, “We were shocked, but then it kind of got us thinking and opening our hearts to that. Cause it wasn’t anything we were planning on doing or seeking out to do at first. But, everything just kind of, slowly but surely came together and we just felt like it was meant to be.”

The support from the Seat Family set a foundation for JV where he thrived in high school and won the 2022 Oklahoma Gatorade player of the year and the Central Oklahoma Athletic Conference MVP. Which leads up to where he is now… a Division One athlete for the ACU Wildcats.

ACU Head Coach Brette Tanner said, “You love it when there’s a good story right. Like when you see someone like JV, who is a self-made player. He’s never had anything given to him. So, he’s got unbelievable parents that have taken great care of him. But he’s had a lot of adversity in life, and he’s had to overcome that. I think that helps, right? It’s part of who he is, it’s part of his DNA and you can see that out on the court.”

And even though he was separated for so long. His biological siblings are still in the picture.

JV Seat said, “My two siblings I am. My sister, she has three kids right now, So I have like three nieces right now. So I’m still in contact with them. My mom, not so much.”

And JV has a message for anyone going through this.

JV Seat added, “God always has a plan for you. Times may be hard, I would say just never give up. Put God first really.”