The Albany Lions crushed the Mart Panthers 41-21 in Jerry’s World to bring home the school’s first state title since 196.

Despite having mid-season injuries, the Lions says they had one goal and now feel blessed to have accomplished it.

Cole Chapman said, “I just thank God for getting us here and letting us win. It was an amazing feeling especially thinking and getting hurt at the start of the year, would have never dream of being here but here we are and we got it done.”

Coy Lefevre said, “It was definitely a battle and it took everything i had to go out there with an injury and push through week by week. I’m kind of really ready for it to be over but it’s no better ending than this right here. I think that was about as close as we can play to a perfect game especially against the really good Mart football team.”

London Fuentes said, “It’s amazing, it’s every high school kids dream and we were here and had the chance and we got it done and brought it back after 61 years. I’m sad that it’s over but i mean the way it ended it makes it a whole lot better. I’m sad im going to miss it a lot, this time really changed me.”

The Lions says they gave the championship game all they had and seeing it pay off something they will never forget.