The Albany Lions offense is on fire heading into the semifinals, and Coy Lefevre is big part of the success.

Playing in the state semifinals is a big a deal for the Albany Lions, but for senior running back Coy Lefevre, this game means so much more.

“I’ve never been more excited, never been. It’s awesome like you really can’t even put it into words,” said Lefevre.

This time last season Lefevre was out due to an injury.

Lefever said, “I mean it’s terrible but even when you’re not out there you just always have to find a way and help the team on and off the field. Even if it’s just being a little cheerleader from the sidelines, I’m yelling as loud as I can.”

And although it took countless ice baths and hours of rehab, Lefevre says he’s more than ready.

“Spent the past 14 weeks with these guys working hard for this moment right here. It’s awesome really, what more could you ask for than to be a kid playing the game all over again so it’s fun,” said Lefevre.

Lions receiver London Fuentes said, “I’m very happy. We really missed him last year. He’s been working hard; he’s been battling injuries through this year but he’s making sure that he doesn’t miss this round again like he did last year. He’s striving to get back out there.”

“He’s a good football player, he enjoys the game, loves playing football and I’m just really happy for him that he’s going to participate in the semifinal game, and you know hopefully he’s going to do something that’ll get us to the next level so. I feel very confident that he will,” said head coach Denney Faith.

So what’s kept him going?

“Those guys right there, every single one of them. We all kind of keep each other going, we’re all like our backbone for each other throughout to support,” said Lefevre.

Levefre is a big part of the Lions explosive offense. He has over 12 hundred yards and 22 touchdowns.

“He’s going to bring a lot of energy to the field and he’s going to get that offense rolling like he has all year,” said Fuentes.

The Lions faces New Home in the state semifinals in Sweetwater, 7 p.m. at the Mustang Bowl.