Thank you Drob, I am here with head coach Mike Fullen for the Abilene High Eagles. Coach Fullen, the biggest thing that stands out to me this year is that realignment. Going from 6A to 5A, talk about that with me.

Head Coach Mike Fullen said, “Oh ya know, it’s a different landscape for us but not really. Anything different as far as the football and community support. As far as going down a division. We’re familar with most of those teams in that division. We’ve played most of them in nonconference or we’ve actually played in the district with them before years ago. So, really looking forward to the oppotunity to compete in that district, the football is going to be really competitive. The thing I’m looking forward to is the community support, it’s gonna be a lot like when we were out midwest at Odessa, Midland and San Angelo. Just looking forward to it.”

What’s probably the biggest threat going into your schedule at all. Is there any team that stands out that you think, ‘Gah they’re gonna be a threat’.

Fullen added, “Well Tascosa is a frontrunner, Lubbock Cooper and we hope to be in the mix and look forward to it. Ya know, every team in that district is well coached. Like I said, we’re familar with them, so it’s gonna be a really good brand of football and looking forward to compete.”

Well I look forward to this new vision going into Class 5A this year. Thank you coach Fullen.