1992 was the last time the Abilene High Lady Eagle soccer program won a district championship.

That 31 year drought is over.

Head coach Tiffany Van Hoose said, “I think it’s a really big step and it helps have the girls so much confidence now, but it means a lot for this school and brings a lot of community pride.”

This is also the Lady Eagles first time in the playoffs in six years. Now that they are back in the postseason, they just want to keep it going and make history for being the first to ever to win a playoff game.

Zoe Castro said, “I mean it’s a big deal for us especially for us that have been here. I’m a senior this year. We haven’t been to the playoffs, we haven’t even made it close to it so it’s really nice to see that our work has paid off and we’re getting first in district and making the playoffs.”

This is head coach Tiffany Van Hoose’s first season in the black and gold and she instilled a lot of growth within the kids that’s led to all their success this season.

Laila Brown said, “She put people in places that they probably wouldn’t have played before and I think that helped us out to seeing it work and our formation and stuff and I think that was the biggest one that helped.”

Van Hoose added, “I think a lot that they were missing was self belief. They didn’t have that kind of person that was behind them saying ‘You know what you can do it’.

Tiffany went on to say, “They at least know I’m in their corner and I’m gonna do what I can to and make sure that they believe in themselves. And when they believe in themselves it’s incredible on how much more they can do. When they feel that someone loves them and cares for them and knows what they’re capable of doing good things then they will go do those good things and they’ll rise to that expectation and standard so it’s pretty awesome.”

They finish the regular season on Friday, and the playoffs start on March 23.