Injuries are common in football, but when the quarterback gets hurt, they are a problem.

Albany quarterback Cole Chapman missed four games this year, but when he’s on the field, he makes the offense almost unstoppable.

As a result of overcoming a mid-season injury, Chapman is back to his best.

“When I got hurt it was pretty devastating, especially it being senior year so, we went to Abilene got to therapy and just went every day until we’re back,” said Chapman.

Chapman’s knee injury took everyone by surprise, but the Lions never loss faith in his speedy recovery.

Coy Lefevre said, “He’s a dog.”

“I figured he’d come back harder and play better, just like he is,” said Jayden Lucas.

London Fuentes said, “It’s great. I mean he ain’t lost a step since he went down with the injury, kind of worried us all a little bit, but us having him back now it’s just better.”

Chapman was out four games on the season, but on the field he has 938 yards passing, 12 touchdowns and is the third leading rusher.

“Just watching them out on the field I was just ready to get back and kept on working. It showed me not to take anything for granted and made me work a little bit harder,” said Chapman.

With the help of his teammates they say they’ll do what it takes to keep him healthy.

“I tell him all the time if he doesn’t run out of bounds, I’m just going to start chasing him and tackling him myself. He’s kind of hardheaded, he doesn’t like to shy away from the contact, it scares us all,” said Lefevre.

“Yea we don’t like him running and taking big hits like that so we’re going to tackle him if we have to,” said Fuentes.

Lions head coach Denney Faith says he couldn’t be prouder of the way Chapman is performing, especially coming off his injury.

“Sometimes I think they think they’re invincible and nothing can happen and when it does it opened up his eyes a little bit and to be honest with you. I think it made him that much more hungry,” said coach Faith.

“I hope mine grow up to be half the kid he is,” said Lefevre.

Chapman lead the Lions to a 35-18 victory over formerly undefeated Wink in Class 2A Division II semifinals.

Up next, they face the Collinsville Pirates Friday at 7 p.m.