ALBANY, Texas (BCH Sports) – In the grassy plains of Albany, Texas reside the defending 2A Division II State Champions.

In this ecosystem, the Albany lions are on pride rock and there’s one player, in particular, district opponents can’t stop.

Adam Hill, the Lion King. With over 1,400 rush yards, he leaves scars in opponents game plans.

The seniors tenacity on both offense and defense only makes him better.

Adam Hill said, “As a Linebacker, I know I’ve played running back before, so I know where the running backs gonna go. And then vice-versa, I know where they’re gonna end up; where they’re gonna play that. And so, I know as a running back, it’s like a linebacker is gonna fill right here. I can just make one move and I’m gone.”

“He loves football; he loves playing the game. You know, just loves competing. And, like you said, you know that’s kind of a trait of many Albany football players,” said head coach Denney Faith.

It seems every field Hill’s cleats touch is his kingdom. The program is two victories away from an undefeated regular season.

If their high-level play carries into the postseason, they’ll remain atop the Texas 2A Division II Sahara.