ANSON, Texas (BCH Sports) – Progress is defined as the forward or onward movement toward a destination. It requires constant improvement, something these Anson Tigers are doing well.

Cory McCombs said, “You know, we’ve made great strides. We’ve won five out of the last six. They’ve just got kind of rolling since then.”

This team has clinched a playoff spot blazing through three district opponents like their run game.

Corey Layne added, “We come off the ball hard, and we finish our runs, you know. And we got lineman coming off the ball ready to knock the piss outta somebody.”

The leading rusher is quarterback Tyler Wilburn, but you can call him Tyler Football.

Wilburn said, “When I was a kid, I used to really enjoy watching Johnny Manziel play for the Aggies. That was really cool, and maybe just try to be like him a little bit; try to emulate a little bit of my play style after him.”

He extends plays, wears number two and has 197 more yards on the ground then through the air.

Him and running back Corey Layne compliment this Tiger offense really well.

Cory McCombs added, “You know our backs have done a good job of going where they’re supposed to and running hard, finishing runs. Wilburn has done a great job of making things happen when there really isn’t something there, and then Corey Layne. He really finishes runs hard.”

If Anson moves in the right direction like they do in the run game, the progress and improvement can lead to deserved success.