Babe Laufenberg discusses Cowboys season

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The Dallas Cowboys began this season with high hopes they were one of the favorites to get to the Super Bowl with a new head coach who had actually won a Super Bowl, ironically, in the very same building that the Dallas Cowboys call home. But a funny thing happened on the way to all that success.

It’s called the NFL regular season. And the Cowboys finished third and what was arguably the worst division in NFL history. The head coach isn’t trying to fool you or himself.

Mike McCarthy said, “We have a lot of work to do and I recognize that. And it’s important for me to get all the information and answers on this evaluation process so that I can sit down with Jerry and we can set the course.”

There is a certain rhythm to an NFL calendar. The season ends, then you analyze why it all went south. The draft comes in April. You get all excited about those draft picks.

You add a couple of free agents in the off season and boom, you are Super Bowl contenders again. Then the regular season hits and the cycle begins anew, as it has for the Dallas Cowboys the last twenty five years for the Silver Star Nation on Babe Laufenberg.

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