Babe Laufenberg discusses Cowboys team with Jason Garrett


Babe Laufenberg said, “The Dallas Cowboys going through a morning practice today. Typically, they will practice in the afternoon but they have tomorrow off so Head Coach Jason Garrett trying to get them off their feet for as long as possible. Also today, the Cowboys welcomed a new but familiar face in Running Back Alfred Morris who played with the Cowboys in 2016 and 2017. Now Morris is here as insurance policy as Ezekiel Elliott continues his holdout. Head Coach Jason Garrett went one-on-one with me and he really likes his football team.:

Laufenberg asked, “You come to training camp and you usually have a pretty good feel for what kind of team that you have so what kind of team do you have here in 2019?”

Jason Garrett said, “We’re excited about our time, I told our coaches when we got back together last week for our pre-training camp meeting I don’t know about you guys but in the last month or so I’ve probably been asked 250 to 300 times how’s the team going to be this year. Sometimes I articulate it and sometimes I just thought it to myself but I said I really like our team. I like our coaching staff and I really like our players. We spent a long time around here trying to build this team with I’ve always referred to as the right kind of guys, guys who love football, guys who are willing to work at football, guys who want to be apart of a team and that’s what these guys are. We have a lot of good players within that but their approach each and every day, how they prepare in the offseason, how they come to work here in training camp, it’s a joy to coach them, you can coach them hard and they love to be out here. I think they really like each other too and they really love this game. We’re going to push them, we’re going to pull them, we’re going to grind them, we’re going to challenge them every way we can to help them grow individually and collectively as a team but I feel really confident that they will respond to that. It’s a hell of a group to coach and we’re excited about this year.”

Laufenberg said, “Jason Garrett is in the final year of his contract and the pressure is clearly on to not only make the playoffs but to make some noise once they get there. Garrett likes his football team, we heard him say that, but he’ll like them a lot more if they play well enough to help him keep his job. “

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