Max Preston and Dusty Baker headed up week five of the Sanitizer Series and one athlete came out on top to say the least.

Today the two sports anchors went to the Jim Ned softball field for a home run derby. They would play two rounds with 10 outs and a money ball thrown worth two home runs at the end of their turn.

Baker took a commanding lead in his first round hitting seven homers. Preston couldn’t follow up after going the first round without home run.

With a big lead already, Baker added five in the second round and ended the day with 12 homers. Preston was able to sneak one over the fence in his second round, but Baker dominated and took the 12-1 victory.

With the win, Baker now moves ahead 3-2 in the series.

Next week, in honor of the NFL draft, the duo will put together a special athletic combine to be revealed when it airs.