BCH Sports Player to Watch: Behren Morton

July 10, 2018 - The Eastland Mavericks head into the 2018 season under Head Coach James Morton calling the shots on the sideline with his son, Sophomore Behren Morton, under center. Behren grew up very quickly in 2017 as a Freshman, where he threw for 1,031 yards and 10 TD's for the Mavericks. But now that Behren is a year older, he plans to use what he learned from last season to improve his performance on the field this season.

Behren Morton said, "Last year, I just tried to learn, that was my big year to learn, and I wanted to become a better teammate and better leader. I learned a lot about encouraging people because when times get tough, that is when the real leaders show and so what I'm going to work on this year is to become that leader when times get tough."

Behren's father is looking forward to seeing what his son can do this season, but expects for him to work hard for the 5-sport athlete to succeed once again at quarterback.

Coach James Morton said, "Yes, he does have my last name, but I always hold him to the same standard or even a higher standard than all the other players too and I think he understands that and he's embraced that role. He understands that he's going to be a quarterback, a leader on the team, that he's got to earn that on his own and I think he's done a nice job of that."

Behren Morton said, "This summer I've worked a lot of camps, lot's of D1 camps and mini-camps, getting better, getting one-on-one time with the receivers, I think that's been good coming back with summer workouts and just getting back into the groove."

Coach Morton says he appreciates his time on the field with Behren and believes he will succeed as a leader under center this year.

Coach James Morton said, "I definitely think it's gratifying, it's something that I've really enjoyed. The thing that I'm excited about is that I think he fits the supporting cast that we have because I think we have some really good players that are going to show up this year and have a great year. He's going to help them showcase their skills and they're going to help him but more importantly we're going to help the Mavericks win."

Behren Morton said,  "I've been growing up around football, this has been my whole entire life, and so as the years progress, it seems like the play of the game is going slower, is more understandable."

While Behren continues to learn how to run the Maverick offense, he strives to continue to learn how to lead by example on and off of the field.

Behren Morton said, "My goal this year is just to be that leader that people look up to. I just want to have an outstanding year and see what happens."

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