BCH Sports Player to Watch: Harrison Atwood

July 9, 2018 - The Wylie Bulldogs head into their first season in Class 5A with a brand new quarterback at the helm. Harrison Atwood continues Wylie's streak of first year senior quarterbacks as he steps in to lead the Bulldogs in 2018.

Harrison Atwood said, "It's very very exciting. It's something that I've dreamed of for a very long time. Just looking back as a kid, and I'm actually here now, it's a very exciting thing, and it's very satisfying to finally be in this position."

With Wylie participating in spring practice for the first time this year, Harrison took charge of the offense for the 18 allotted practices. He also spent the summer working on communicating with his recievers as Wylie participated in 7-on-7.

Atwood said, "7-on-7 for us has been very beneficial. We've obviously gotten to know each other a lot and it's just helped because this will translate onto the football field with our passing game. Going up to 5A it's going to be very important to install our passing game more because that's just how 5A is, it's a new kind of world in a way. We're developing into it really well and it's helping us bond and get ready for the season."

In their final 4A season, Wylie went 6-4 with a trip to the first round of the playoffs. For a team that's used to being a regular powerhouse, that didn't sit well with the Bulldogs. But they're using their early exit from the 2017 playoffs as a building block for this next season.

Atwood said, "First off, it's been beneficial for us to come in there and we've been able to work out more than we're used to, because we're always used to going deep into the playoffs. So we kind of got a little longer workout so it's just helped and we're getting stronger off it, so it's been beneficial."

With a lot of young players on this new team, a new classification, and a new district, there is a lot of novelty for the first year starter. But Harrison welcomes the challenge, and is excited to be the first 5A quarterback in Wylie's history.

Atwood said, "It's awesome to start a new kind of legacy in a way, being the first people to be there is kind of like being the first man in space or the first man on the moon. It's something that no other Wylie Bulldogs have ever done and it's something that we take a lot of pride in that we can start leading in a new way. We're going to make sure everyone knows we're ready for 5A."

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