We had two Big Country teams competing trying to punch their tickets to get to Arlington last week, and play in the championship games.

It is now time for your BCH Sports Top Five Plays from the Albany Lions and the Hawley Bearcats in the semifinals.

Starting with number five, Albany vs. New Home. Quarterback Cole Chapman calls his own number for a 14-yard house call. He breaks one tackle, stumbles and able to stay on his feet forcing his way into the endzone.

Now to number four, Hawley vs. Crawford. Bearcats going for two, Rodey Hooper to Will Scott. The catch looks good, Scott thinks it’s good. is it? And it is! Nice job to Scott for having control of the ball definitely worth the celebration.

Up next number three, back to Albany we go. In the second its Cole Chapman to Wyatt Windham and watch number 80 shake off kids like it’s nothing deep for the big gain. Deep in the heart of New Home territory he goes. Looks like he would’ve kept going if the New Home defenders didn’t collide together.

And number two, it’s Hawley again. Hooper gets the snap, hands it off to Austin Cumpton, up the open middle he goes. Cumpton takes a huge jump into the endzone. Hawley won this game 34-20.

And coming in at number one for your Dr Pepper Play of the Week, your going to want to check this out. It’s a handoff to Adam Hill and watch five hurdle the New Home kid for a gain of 14 and a fresh set of downs. This happening in the first quarter, an insane hurdle by Hill.

Albany won this game with a final score of 53-25. They play Mart on Wednesday at 7 p.m. for the state title.