Week 10 of txhsfb just concluded yesterday and there is only one more week of the regular season left and now it’s time for your BCH Sports Top Five Plays of the Week.

Coming in at number five, Cisco vs. Anson, Hunter Long is going to break away. Weaving in and out and down the sideline he goes, he’s tackled at the 20. This play makes 5,000 yards across his three-year career. Loboes won 41-6.

Now to number four, Hawley facing Stamford, under six minutes to go in the second, the Bearcats trying to make it down the field. The pass is thrown and it’s Diontay Ramon who’s there to receive it another big catch for him before going to halftime.

Moving on to number three, Merkel hosting Comanche, Comanche up 7-0. Joey Zink scrambling, for quite sometime, gets through two Indians and launches it into the end zone. Elijah Olivarez with the catch. 7-6 after a failed two-point conversion by the Badgers. This game was so good there’s two plays that made it.

Coming in at number two, Joey Zink with the ball. He let’s it fly down the left sideline but it’s intercepted by Kyler Beaty for the Indians. Comanche ran away with this one 49-14.

Coming in at number one for your Dr Pepper Play of the Week, you just don’t see this everyday. Stamford forced to punt it away, the Bulldogs waiting for the ball to stop to give Hawley the worst field position they can. Don’t blink or get too comfortable, Bearcats’ Kason O’Shields scoops it up and runs an extra 10 yards to give his team better field position. Great heads up, ball smart mentality by that guy to react to it so fast before Stamford touches it. Hawley went on to dominate on a shutout effort of 32-0 against Stamford. They will vye for the district championship next week against Cisco.