Week nine of Texas High School football is complete, which means it’s time for your BCH Sports Top Five Plays of the Week.

Starting with number five, Jacksboro vs. Merkel. It’s fourth quarter, the balls thrown to Jase Ellison who breaks not one, not two, not three, but four tackles before being brought down on the 40-yard line.

Up next number four, Anson vs. Stamford. Anson was trying to gain some yards, the pass is thrown and it’s Stamfords’ Justin Brady who makes the interception. Brady runs and is taken out at the sideline. You can see the ball gets tipped and lands in Brady’s hands. He bobbles it a little, but he holds on tight. Stamford wins the game 44-6.

Moving on to number three, game of the week, Jim Ned vs. Breckenridge. Quarterback Trey Doran with the snap, he decides to take off and run with it. Doran headed down the sideline to score a 45-yard touchdown. Jim Ned comes out on top 32-25.

Now on to number two, Lubbock Coronado vs. Abilene High. Freshman Brayden Henry at quarterback, he breaks three tackles at the line of scrimmage and he is gone. Back in 8th grade he was the fastest kid in the country and this run defiantly shows off his speed.

Coming in at number one for your Dr Pepper play of the week, Albany vs. Roscoe. The punt goes up and it’s immediately blocked by Albany. Adam Hill is on the recovery, breaks a tackle and takes it to the house, touchdown Lions.

The Albany defense was all over the Plowboys in the first quarter and remained on their “A” game throughout. The Lions finishes the game with a shutout score of 55-0.