The Hawley Bearcats made a run last year in the playoffs all the way to state. Having one of the shortest turnarounds here in the Big Country from football season to summer conditioning.

The Bearcats are excited to be back in the weight room and hungry for another successful season.

Caleb Sutton said, “I’m pretty stoked. It’s gonna be a big season for us this year. I really have big expectations for all these guys. It’s all about buying in, in my eyes, All these guys that are here are showing up and putting in that extra work because when you don’t someone else is willing to outwork you. So that’s just my mindset of being here.”
Will Scott said, “It’s fun, have a blast. We were really successful in track and pretty successful in basketball and working hard. You know it’s always exciting being able to go back and hopefully go back for another run this year.”

Hawley’s season opener is August 26th against Jim Ned.