Ben DiNucci prepares for first start as a Dallas Cowboy quarterback

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In 1974, rookie Clint Longley came off the bench in the third quarter to relieve a concussed Roger Staubach that was against that dreaded team from Washington on Thanksgiving Day two touchdown passes.

Later, the Cowboys had themselves an improbable 24-23 victory, which prompted guard Blaine Knight to dub the performance by Longley the triumph of the uncluttered mind.

Enter Ben DiNucci, the likely starter for Dallas, at quarterback this Sunday at Philadelphia. Now, don’t know how uncluttered the rookies mind from James Madison will be, but we’re about to find out.

Zeke Elliott said, “I wouldn’t even know where to find Ben’s college tape. Yeah, we’re not gonna go back and look at his college to assume he did best. I think we’re just going to go play our football.”

Zack Martin said, “I think he’ll be fine. He’s got a he’s got a lot of confidence, which, you know, in line one for me as a quarterback, as confidence. And then, you know, I think obviously with a young guy making his possibly making his first start, you know, it’s up to the rest of guys on offense to instill confidence in him.”

DiNucci does not appear to lack confidence, but that could all change in a New York minute or a Philadelphia interception return for a touchdown. All we can really do is wish them and good luck. So good luck, Ben.

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