Beautiful day down here at Daytona as we look ahead to Sunday’s season starting Daytona 500. We’re at the Daytona International Speedway. They’ve made a ton of improvements here over the last couple of years. A project “Daytona Rising.”

They spent 400 million dollars, and it is now considered a racing stadium. They call it the world center of racing as you can see behind me, but what they did was decreased the capacity to 101,000 for race day. Which means it’s a sellout. In fact, they sold the tickets out today.

They made the seats wider. Each seat has a cup holder. They really tried to make it a better experience for the fans. They took the seating from the back stretch completely away, removed it. This is the bulk of the seating all along the front stretch here at Daytona. They’ve got two big Jumbotrons in place, as well, so the fans can see the action better on the far end. Everything geared toward making this one of the best sports venues in all of America.

With a renovation project, like I said, 400-million dollars, they spent a fortune to make it that much better, and everyone’s looking ahead to Sunday’s start of the 2016 NASCAR season.