Big Country athletes and coaches talk Thanksgiving football

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Brownwood’s Drew Huff said, “It’s always something I’ve been wanting to do. This is the first time ever doing it. It’s definitely an experience. That’s for sure.”

Hawley’s Xavier Rodela said, “It’s crazy. It’s fun. We get to come here. We have Thanksgiving break this week, but we don’t have a break.”

Hamlin head coach Russell Lucas said, “We like it because we invite all of our ex’s to come up. We have a Thursday practice in the morning.”

Cisco’s Gibson Hearne said, “It’s the first time that I’ve got to play on Thanksgiving in my high school career, so I’m loving it. I love playing football. I get to play as long as I can. That’s how I want it to be.”

Cooper head coach Aaron Roan said, “It’s a lot of fun. We have the week off, and we get to focus on football. We come out here in the morning. It was a beautiful day today and play football and practice and be with each other. It’s an exciting time.”

Brownwood’s A.J. McCarty added, “Everybody on the team, we’ve never played on the holiday week in the past years. We haven’t been too great. So, for the first time being for everybody, it’s a very special feeling.”

Hawley’s Tate Thompson said, “It’s great. Thanksgiving is time of giving thanks, and I’m thankful for my guys over here, and I get to play another game with them in the third round and hopefully get to keep playing with them weeks after this.”

Hamlin’s Austin Lozano said, “It means a lot. I’m happy to get to play this far into my senior year, and I hoping to go farther.”

Stanley Callahan said, “It feels good, kind of weird, but it feels good. For the fact that, I’ve only played on Thanksgiving week twice, so this is my third time.”

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