Big Country athletes discuss what they are thankful for

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Jackson Sepeda said, “I’m just thankful to even get to play this even after everything that has happened. Just thankful to be out here with my friends every day and get to do the things we do.”

Rodey Hooper said, “I’m thakful for the coaches and everything, they give us the opportunity to be here. I’m just excited to be here”

Braydin Warner said, “Just the opportunity to play football and the things I’ve been able to accomplish and my team, my teammates, and what is coming up in the future.”

Tate Yardley said, “I get to hang out with some family and get some Thanksgiving lunch and all that I get to eat but most importantly get to hang out with some family ad come out here to practice.”

Austin Cumpton said, “I’m thankful for the team and most importantly my coaches too for giving us the opportunity to be out here. They love us and we love them and my O-line.”

Cutter Martin said, “I’m thankful for my friends and my family and then to be out here and play with all of these guys and most of us are staying healthy.”

Hooper said, “My family is supporting, everyone here is supporting me, Hawley is a great town.”

Warner said, “My parents have helped me out a lot and they do a lot to get me where I’m at and where I’m going to be in the future so I’m just thankful for my parents.”

Jerrod Fisher said, “I’m ready to eat.”

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