ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports) – It’s the 24th annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes All-Star Festival, gathering over 75 schools representing their hometown.

Former Abilene High Eagle Tristan Hall said, “I mean it feels amazing because you’re playing with school that you’ve never played before and it’s kind of cool to meet the competition so, it’s a blessing to be able to come play for FCA.”

From across the Big Country and Concho Valley to right here in the Key City, competing for the Red and Blue teams in Volleyball, Baseball, Softball and Football.

Former Abilene High Eagle Noah Hatcher said, ” Everybody here got selected for a reason, they’re all good people just being able to go see what they have. I know they’re all good football players and just have fun.”

This giving high school seniors one last time to suite up and play the game they love with long-term friends.

Former Hawley Bearcat Austin Cumpton said, “It’s fun for all of us to come here and do it one last time you know. Some of us are going off to college sports, but just building friendships and it will really help us with our lives in front of us.”

“It’s pretty cool, you know it’s coming so it’s also kind of like a bitter-sweet moment, but we’re all excited to play with each other,” said Former Hawley Bearcat Will Scott.

You could say the competition between the Red and Blue football teams is already underway the second they tried on their jersey’s.

“They had all their jersey’s perfect, they were right,” said Scott.

“The Blue team was perfect I don’t understand but it is what it is,” said Cumpton.

Scott added, “Way too big all the way down to their knees on the skill players. Showing their whole belly’s for the lineman. It was pretty comical. A good time, good memories.”

“It was a little shocking, but like that’s them not us,” Hall said. “We got the good batch they got the bad batch so, it’s a blessing we got the good jersey’s.”

More importantly this week, every athlete will work on creating friendships and growing their faith.

“The game is going to be fun, but the most important is the man above. That’s what it’s all about,” said Cumpton.

FCA All-Star Festival kicks off this week, June 5-10th, with Football, Volleyball, and Cheer in Abilene.

Boys and Girls Basketball and Cheer in Brownwood, Boys and Girls Golf is in Eastland, and Baseball and Softball is held in San Angelo.