The first ever Big Country Coaches Clinic was held in Abilene on Friday.

Here in attendance is some coaches from Sweetwater, Jim Ned, Hawley and even coaches here in Abilene to hear from coaches from all around about their method to their madness and success to getting to where they are with their teams.

Coaches are here just listening in and getting ready for their seasons coming up.

Hawley head coach Mitch Ables said, “Uh ya know, it means a lot Abilene is a prime spot I feel like for a little clinic like this.”

Sweetwater head coach Russell Lucas said, “Well that’s the great thing about football coaches, everybody is willing to share their football secrets. I can’t imagine Microsoft and Apple getting in the same room wanting to share their secrets. A lot of the time that doesn’t happen. That’s just the way football coaches are, someone has stolen it from someone else prior. And for guys willing to get together and share ideas, I think it’s a great thing for our profession.”

Abilene High head coach Mike Fullen said, “It’s tremendous for our community and the Big Country to collect these coaches around the Big Contry to come in and speak. There’s a lot of good football for coaches to get together like this.”

We spoke with several coaches about this finally happening for the first year of the football clinic, and they are just excited about this opportunity of getting to share things with eachother and hoping for this to happen for years to come.