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McMurry Head Coach Jordan Neal said, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, I think it’s how you can adapt and adjust.”

HPU Head Coach Braxton Harris said, “We’re not going to sit around and gripe and moan about things that we don’t have, we’re going to be excited about the opportunities that we do have.”

HSU Head Coach Jesse Burleson said, “I came out here and I literally kissed the turf at Shelton Stadium.”

There is a general consensus among Big Country coaches that the American Southwest Conference made the right decision to quickly release the spring schedule for 2021.

McMurry Head Coach Jordan Neal said, “I think conference did a good job of dividing it up east and west, I think it makes sense.”

HSU Head Coach Jesse Burleson said, “I’m pleased that we’re able to come together and find a solution that we think works for all of the universities.”

HPU Head Coach Braxton Harris said, “I think we were all a little disappointed in how it went down at the beginning but I do appreciate our conference jumping out there and making a decision.”

With the season opening on February 6th for McMurry and Howard Payne and on February 13th for HSU, the schools now have time to plan for the following season.

Neal said, “I’m glad they put the schedule as early in the spring semester as possible so it provides a bigger window for getting ready for 2021 in the fall.”

And schools are using this as motivation to strengthen their football programs.

Harris said, “We want this to be a crossroads in Howard Payne history that through this tough situation they came out on the other end and they were able to be successful.”

While games won’t happen for roughly another six months, the coaches are still expecting their players to take this time very seriously.

Burleson said, “We’re approaching the exact same, we didn’t change anything. We expect game reps, intensity, and speed and all of those things. If our guys don’t hit the standard then we’re going to let them know about it and they want it just as badly as we do so we’re really not changing anything.”

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