Big Country football players appreciate 7-on-7 after missing out last year

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7-on-7 football is an end of the school year tradition most football players can not wait for. Teams from across the Big Country and beyond have been salivating over the opportunity to get back out there on the gridiron, especially because last year 7-on-7 was cancelled because of the pandemic.

Clint Davis says, “I think it’s just great to be here. You know we suffered last year, we didn’t get to enjoy all of this, so it’s like many say, we’ll never take this for granted again. I had a son that graduated last year and he didn’t get the opportunity to come out here and play. So for these kids, they need to understand that, and I think that’s the important part of it all.”

7-on-7 is a crucial part of most teams offseason training programs, giving players the chance to build chemistry, adjust to changes, and even dive into their playbooks.

Quarterback Hudson Welch says, “We’re not used to a spread offense, so it’s good to get out here and throw the ball around, get some chemistry with our receivers and get back into it.”

Running Back Luke Wilson says, “We’re a young team and we need to step up as seniors and be leaders, and lead this team all the way.”

Clint Davis has coached 7-on-7 in Comanche for a long time and he says, it is important for players of all ages to appreciate every opportunity they have to play the game they love, because you never know how long you will be able to play.

Davis says, “A lot of these kids will never play at the next level, you know the collegiate level. and it very very very very few that even go on to the next level. So what you do here. it’s like we told them earlier, you can’t look back that the last play, you’ve got to keep moving forward. The say goes for life. That’s what they’re learning. Can’t look back you gotta keep moving forward.”

Every team starts the season with the goal of becoming state champions. Grinding on the field in the summer heat helps these teams get one step closer to making their dreams come true.

Davis says, “If we embrace the moment, we go out and play, hey, win or lose as long as you give everything on every play that’s all that really matters.”

Welch says, “We’ve been putting in a lot of work for workouts. You know, every day throwing the ball. So I think we’ll be alight this year. A lot of people are doubting us but I think we’ll be alright.”

The 7-on-7 State Tournament is in College Station from June 24th-26th.

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