There’s only two weeks of girls’ and three weeks of boys’ basketball left of the regular season.

Here’s a complete list of Big Country boy’s and girl’s teams that made the top 25.

Class 1A Boys:

21. Munday (20-3)

The Moguls jumped two spots from last week adding two victories to their record.

TAPPS 2A Boys:

4. ACHS (20-4)

The Panthers moved up one spot while picking up two wins.

Moving on to the girl’s rankings on the week. There are nine total mentioned.

Class 3A Girls:

2. Jim Ned (28-1)

19. Merkel (22-7)

The Lady Indians are still the highest rated in the area and could have thirty wins on their season by next week. The Lady Badgers stay at the rank of 19 after reigning victorious last week.

Class 2A Girls:

21. Goldthwaite (21-3)

23. Cisco (23-6)

The Lady Eagles stay at 21, while the Lady Loboes move up one spot.

Class 1A Girls:

5. Gorman (28-2)

12. Hermleigh (19-7)

14. Roscoe Highland (25-5)

16. Eula (21-9)

17. Cross Plains (23-5)

Class 1A had the most shift in ranks of the classes, the Lady Pirates made the biggest jump from 25 to 16 from picking up three wins. The Lady Buffs took the biggest hit dropping eight spots.