The FCA All-Star Festival has been something high school athletes in the Big Country and beyond have been invested in for over two decades now.

In addition to focusing on their faith, the festival gives graduating seniors the opportunity to play the sports they love while representing their family, high school, and community.

For many of these recent high school graduates, this week was the last time they will be able to play that sport competitively.

Over the years the Key City has played a major role in hosting and supporting the all-star festival to make it as fun as possible for everyone in attendance.

“We’re really fortunate because the ministry opportunities that we put on really rely on the facilities of someone else helping us out, and we’ve been so blessed by Abilene ISD, by Wylie ISD, Brownwood ISD, San Angelo as well, where we play our different games. So many churches play a part in this and I think it just goes to show you the heart of the people of the Big Country, who understand the impact that adults can make on youth and FCA is a part of that, and to partner along with such great people and great facilities, man it means a lot to us at FCA,” said Big Country FCA Director Andy Penney.

The BCH Sports team wishes everyone who participated in this weeks events the best of luck wherever life takes them!