It’s been said that you can never go home, again. That’s not true in Breckenridge head coach Casey Pearce’s world. Pearce grew up wearing green for Breckenridge. He grew up a Buckaroo and graduated from Breckenridge in 1993. After 14 years as an assistant in Longview, Pearce jumped at the chance to come home to coach the Bucks in 2020.

Casey Pearce said, “There’s an expectation, and I hope I brought that back.”

It’s kind of a Breckenridge thing.

Pearce added, “If you are an outsider, you really don’t understand what it’s about, the traditions and some of the things that make this place go. It’s been good. People have been very supportive, and their expectations have risen.”

The players even recognize Pearce’s connection to Breckenridge, and Breckenridge’s connection to him.

Chase Lehr said, “Everybody loves him. He’s well known. I think the whole town knows about him. He’s coming back home.”

Like many coaches out there, Pearce didn’t know he wanted to coach early on, but then he ran into some very influential coaches, including his dad, and they helped him see his future.

Pearce said, “He, Bill Grissom, Jerry Taylor. Those are guys that made an impact on me, Bill Anderson. Those are guys that were Big Country guys. They impacted this town.”

A coach has to find a way to connect with his players. Some need a little encouragement.

Lehr said, “Even earlier, I threw a ball, and he said, ‘That’s the way to do it,’ and he slaps you real hard on the butt. Sometimes it stings.”(Laughter)

Others need a drill sergeant to show up at practice.

Anson Rodgers said, “He’s really hardcore. He can be really strict sometimes, but I think a good coach has to be strict sometimes to get us kids to be where we need to be. I think he’s a great coach. He encourages us to be the best that we can be.”

Lehr added, “He brings up the intensity at practice. I look up to him as a role model in my life and as a coach.”

If you cut Pearce, he bleeds Buckaroo green, and he is doing everything he can to bring the glory days back to his hometown.

Casey Pearce is the Abilene Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.