After finishing 4th in the district last year, the Brownwood Lions are in a completely new district this year. And new face quarterback, Ike Hall, that goal is looking more and more like a reality.

Isaac Gray said, “We’re very excited for that. We’re excited to go against new teams and new competition. And I think we have a real good chance to win the district this year.”

Sammy Burnett said, “What we gotta do is get focused on us in those scrimmages. Find our identities, find our team. Be ready to play. One week at a time, ya know with Wylie. Rankings don’t mean nothing if you don’t do anything about it. So, we like to be under the radar, apparently we’re not and there’s high expectations. We’re trying to handle those high expectations and we’ve just gotta set high goals and meet those goals and take it one step at a time, one day at a time. Embrace the grind at 90% of that practice, that work that’s not fun that makes that 10% so much more enjoyable when you win.

Brownwood hasn’t been to the second round of playoffs since 2019. This year they’re picked to go to the state semifinals.

Burnett added, “When you live in Brownwood, Texas, which I’m from, I was born and raised in it. Always high expectations, it’s nice that our kids are getting respected again. Getting put on that level that we feel we should be every year. It’s been a five year grind, this is my fifth year, to try to take that ship and turn it around and start heading in the right direction. I think we’re starting to turn that wheel back and head straight and it’s all a testament to those kids and they’re hardwork and effort and dedication to our coaches. To be respected at that level, in the area that they’re respecting us, puttting us up there and the opportunity to win the region I’m thankful for and we’re blessed. But, you’ve got to take those blessings and you got to work to receive them so we’re excited.”

Now before you can have a successful district, you have to get through non-district and their season opener is at Gordon Wood Stadium against the Wylie Bulldogs.