Burnett leads Brownwood into 2018 season


Head Coach Sammy Burnett said, “It’s just like another day for the last 25 years but looking down, seeing the shirt and cap on, being in Brownwood, it’s a little surreal.”

New Brownwood Head Coach Sammy Burnett is excited to get back in his roots as the first week of practice has begun for the Lions.

Burnett said, “Being blessed to be here and to be in a leadership role, I don’t take it for granted and we won’t waste a minute of the day.”

Burnett takes over a team with a good amount of talent, but a huge challenge awaits him opening the season against the Brock Eagles.

Burnett said, “We’ll worry about Brock come August 31st at 5:35 but until then we are going to do what we need to do to be Brownwood Lions.”

Tommy Bowden said, “We’ve just got to take it day by day and we know they’re going to come in, they’re going to give us their best shot but they’re going to get our best shot too.”

Braden Jetton said, “We need to be crisp against Brock in order to beat them. We’re practicing everything to where it’s perfect.” 

Dusty Baker said, “A common theme for Coach Burnett in 2018: history and tradition. He wants to bring back what he learned from the two historic coaches that he had a chance to play under in Gordon Wood and Randy Allen and he’s implementing it here in 2018, hoping to get a great a result like those two had in the past, hoping to leave his imprint as well early on in his first year at Brownwood.”

Burnett said, “It’s my job to tie the community and the team back and get back to the days of doing things a certain way and that’s the winning way and it’s a daily grind but looking forward to the opportunity of leading the program and get it back to where it needs to be.”

Bowden said, “He’s bringing a lot of stuff back that he did in high school under Gordon Wood and Randy Allen. It’s really cool, I have so much faith in him that he’s going to lead this program where it needs to be so we have just got to go out an do what he says.”

Jetton said, “That work ethic is what needs to be here all the time, not just ever so often, it needs to be here every year.”

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