CISCO, Texas (BCH Sports) – The Cisco Loboes are coming off another outstanding season, finishing second in district play and advanced to the regional final before losing to eventual state champion Hawley. 

Most of that team is gone and as a result, there are a bunch of question marks. Who is going to replace record setting quarterback Hunter Long? The answer is Kanon Orsagh. 

That’s just one of the many, so the preseason is very important. 

“You want to start with some basics and fundamentals, we’re returning two people on each side of the ball. So, this time last year we were quite a bit ahead of where we are right not,” said head coach Kevin Stennett.  

“It doesn’t say anything about our work ethics, or our kids attitudes because they’re showing up every day trying to get better. But we have a lot of work to do, and they need experience and some live reps on a Friday night,” Stennett added.  

Kannon Orsagh said, “We’re young but every game we’re going to get out here and compete everyday against whoever it is, Hawley anybody. I think we’re going to give our best every game.” 

Talan Bruner said, “Some people might underestimate how young we are and might feel like we aren’t as good, but I believe if we give 100%, every day, every game, every day at practice, we’ll exceed their expectations and show them how football is.” 

The Loboes enter 2023 ranked 14th in the state and are still picked to finish behind Hawley in district play. 

Game one is at Clyde a week from Friday night.