The Cisco Loboes and head coach Kevin Stennett are starting the season with a veteran quarterback.

Hunter Long starts his third season as the starter for the Loboes on Friday night.

Last season, he was the leading rusher in the Big Country, and Cisco went to the regional finals.

How can Long improve on that this year?

Stennett said, “That’s a good question, he started for us as a sophomore and a junior. he’s got 28 starts. There’s still some things that we’re working on, but man he’s made so much progress. He’s able to do things at the line of scrimmage for us that in the past we didn’t really reply on. Now we can rely on him to do those things so he just got bigger, faster and stronger since last year. So, we’re excited to see what he can do.”

Hunter Long said, “Uh, just setting more and better goals that I had last year. I mean, we have a younger team, but I think everything is gonna work out perfect.”

The Loboes get 2022 started at home on Friday night.