The pass game wasn’t something Cisco really relied on in 2021, but that’s changed this year and the Loboes even credit that to their deep playoff run their on now.

Head coach Kevin Stennett said, ” Right, the pas game has definitely got us out of some binds. For us to even be effective in our pass game when our run game is stopped. And that happens from time to time, people load the box.”

Don’t let the numbers through the air fool you though. There’s still plenty of Hunter Long and Trent Huston runs that get the job done. However, the addition of wide receiver Cade Gayle to the offense this year has opened up that pass game that Cisco has never really had.

Stennett added, “He’s very fast, and when you add speed to your pass game it makes it that much better. Carter Holton has also come on for us as a receiver so to really have some fast kids that can go get a deep ball, that can really take a load off our run game.”

Trent Huston said, “Well, it’s kind of added a little bit cause I have to step in and block a whole lot but not having to run it every play is also kind of good because when we do run it, it’s big. It’s a big thing.”

Cade Gayle said, “If he’s in trouble, I just have to get open and run away from the person that’s quarding me.”

It’s developed so much this season that with the dual threat of the run and the pass game, Long has 25 rushing touchdowns while Gayle has 13.

Hunter Long said, “It’s pretty impressive, I really like being able to see that and I wanna say thanks to everybody, the team. Everybody is just playing great right now and I hope we can keep on going. It’s just fun.”

Cisco’s dynamic offense will be tested this Friday at 7 in a rematch of last year’s fourth round, facing the Hawley Bearcats at ACU.