The Cisco Loboes faced plenty of adversity coming into their layoff game vs Ozona.

Starting quarterback Kanon Orsagh was out due to concussion protocol, so Julius Proffitt and Cole Thomson had to split reps.

With less than 30 seconds left in regulation, game tied at 14, it was Proffitt’s throw to Thompson that delivered the game-winnng touchdown that send the Loboes to the second round.

Cole Thompson said, “Leading up to that play, coach told me to lean hard right; lean hard to the corner, and I did. (I) saw the corner flip his hips, and I just made my move. It was so surreal. I kind of blacked out once I scored. I didn’t know what I did.”

Julius Proffitt said, “Honestly, I just kind of threw it down there. I didn’t really think it was going to connect, but I guess we got lucky. It was a good ball, good catch.”

Kevin Stennett said, “It’s funny, we repped everything we could possibly rep last week with both of those quarterbacks. We over repped everything and that’s a play we didn’t run one time. So, we talked about it in that timeout, and it’s a play we normally have on, but those two never ran it so… It worked out well; maybe practice is overrated.”

Maybe, but it’s easier now in Orsaugh’s return this Friday against New Deal.