CLYDE, Texas (BCH Sports) – The Clyde Bulldogs are 6-0 for the first time since 2016.

Head coach Danny Dudgeon’s program has blossomed in his third season. So what’s different about the 2023 Bulldogs?

Landon Yates said, “Our Duel-threat Quarterback. I mean that dude, he’ll run the ball for 400 yards or throw the ball 400 yards and do it all. And then our line too this year. Pass couple years has been rough on the line, but we have a big, physical line this year. And that helps a lot.”

That does help, but what about the defense?

Head coach Danny Dudgeon said, “Oh yeah, I just think our physicality has gone through the roof for them. Uh, You’re seeing a lot more physicality at the line of scrimmage. Obviously we’re bigger and that helps you, don’t get me wrong. But they just gotta continue to be gap sound, and they gotta continue to do their job everyday.”

So an explosive offense and a physical, improving defense is why Clyde football is special this year. Right? However the real answer lies deeper. This program is successful because they match the town’s identity.

Blake Carr said, “You know, I think our hard work. Um, you know I think a lot of people look at us as just some farm boys out here. You know, we come up here ready to work every single day, and I think that’s paying off.”

These farm boys have reaped the fruits of their labor. Planting work-ethic, plowing opponents, and harvesting gridiron glory.

Coach Dudgeon added, “Man it’s just, a lot of the hard work that occurs without anybody seeing. Uh, off season was really really good last spring, and the kids were here all summer doing what we asked of them. And then obviously the senior leadership. We’ve got a lot of kids that have been around us for now three years, and you can just see the progress that’s being made. The thing that these guys do is they come everyday and they go to work. And they get better any time, any chance they get.”

Clyde boys are built different. Their dedication to the football field resembles the commitment from their community.