The Clyde Bulldogs are entering the second year of the Danny Dudgeon era.

The first year was a struggle with just one win in 2021.

The starting line up was dominated by underclassmen last year, so those players are entering their second year of varsity play.

The Bulldogs are still expecting to struggle most of the season by the experts, but they expect to surprise some folks.

Blake Carr said, “Ya know, we know that a lot of the games we’re gonna go into this year, we’re gonna be the underdogs. We like that, because we like going into games knowing teams don’t really believe in us knowing we can beat them. We like to go show them that we can compete with them and we can beat them.”

Luke Burson said, “We’re bigger now, going into last season, we were thinking oh we’re smaller than everybody else. We’re younger than everybody else, we don’t know enough. This season we’ve got some coaching under us. Some more coaching, some being together and some more teamwork. So, just going into it thinking we know more and we’re bigger.”

The Bulldogs are looking for their second winning season since 2017.

Clyde opens 2022 in Cisco against the state-ranked Loboes on August 26.