The Clyde Bulldogs did not qualify for the State 7-on-7 tournament, but their time on the field during June was not wasted.

Clyde is trying to get used to their new head coach, and how he approaches things on offense.

Danny Dudgeon took over in Clyde after years as an assistant at Cooper.

It’s been an adjustment, but the players really like their new coach.

Blake Carr said, “He’s been a true blessing to us. He’s a great guy, great coach. He’s really helped us on the field and in the weight room. He’s a true blessing to our program here in Clyde.”

Jackson Huff said, “He’s been amazing, from the workouts to these jersey’s and us being out here right now. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be out here right now, we wouldn’t be playing 7-on-7, so he’s a true blessing for sure.”

Head coach Danny Dudgeon said, “It’s awesome, we’re actually moving out here this week. I’m excited to get out here and get in the community. The kids have been super receptive to everything. It has been a little bit different from what they’ve done the last few years, but they’ve said yessir and just gone to work which has been awesome.”

Look for a run-heavy offense in Clyde for the next few years.

Dudgeon’s offenses at Cooper were dominant on the ground.