The Clyde Bulldogs are off to a fantastic start in the season with a 3-1 record, and they riding a three-game winning streak.

Most of the players on this team went through last year’s team that struggled to a 1 and 9 season.

The Bulldogs say they are having a blast and want more success down the line.

Blake Carr said, “It feels good, it kind of comes down to a lot of the work we put in over the Summer. We were up here almost every night doing something with football and so I think that relays on Senior class, Junior class, and all the Sophomores that we have. We have our success because we put in the work you know.”

Jacob Louder said, “I think it was just the feeling after that lost and just knowing that we weren’t going to be the same team the we were last year. And knowing that we just really wanted to step up and be a team that wins.”

Head Coach Danny Dudgeon said, “We’re really excited you know they’ve grown up a lot and in a hurry. And we’re still pretty young so we knew we had some growing pains to go through and our kids have really handled that really well. We’re real excited to see what the future holds for them.”

The Bulldogs are back at home Friday night to host the Sweetwater Mustangs.

The last time these two teams meet was in 2021, and Sweetwater won 42-21.