Clyde head volleyball coach Laura Carr is the Coach of the Week, but she didn’t always want to be a coach.

Laura Carr said, “I actually wanted to be an astronaut when I was little.”

Luckily, those space camp plans fell through, and Carr wanted to explore coaching. She and her family splashed down at Clyde High School.

Carr said about deciding to coach in Clyde said, “We have twins, and we wanted to give them every opportunity to be in a smaller environment. The lure of almost starting a program, almost from scratch. It caught my attention.”

The Clyde program was two years old when she showed up in 2015, and Carr got to work. Eight years later, they are a regional power. The Lady Bulldogs finished in third place the first year, and it’s only gotten better with three district titles and three runner up finishes.

Carr said, “You take more ownership when you’ve, pretty much, worked it from the ground up. I’ve been blessed with some really good kids and some really good athletes in this run that we’ve made in the last couple of years. Part of it is to get them to buy into the program. Really, buy what you are selling.”

It is certainly successful at volleyball. Coach Carr can’t do it without the players. So, what about those players. What do they think of their head coach?

Abby Carr said, “She’s a really good coach. Throughout junior high, she’s always been there. She’s really doing her best to build this program and athletes along the way.”

Cloe Ukle said, “She wants the best for us on and off the court. We have that close connection to her where we feel like we can go to her with anything.”

Payton Phillips said, “She wants everything we have on the court to give everything we have 110 percent of the time in practice, out of practice, in school and other activities that we do.”

As you can tell, coaching isn’t just about picking up the “W” on game day. The wins come in all forms for a coach.

“We are just working on these kids being good volleyball players. We are working on them to be good citizens. We hold them accountable, make sure they are on time, just the basic things and life lessons. What we really try to do is produce leaders.”

Clyde volleyball coach Laura Carr is the Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.