Former KRBC sports reporter Cody Coil is working on the second Big Country Blitz with Jim Ned’s Xavier Wishert, Cisco’s Dawson Hearne, and Sweetwater’s Leo Holsey on the cover.

Unlike Texas Football Magazine, the Blitz is exclusively about area football teams and players.

What started as a work project 14 years ago is now a labor of the love of football.

Cody Coil said, “The tv station I worked at in Kansas, this was a forced thing. They made us do it as a side project and I was there three years and by the end of that three years I realized how much the parents and the kids loved it and people reacted to it, so when we moved back to Texas to College Station, I brought the idea with me and they went with it. So, I did it for ten years at KBTX in College Station and we moved back to Abilene to be closer to family and it was just something I still wanted to do and there wasn’t really anything like it around here and I knew how much people in the Big Country liked their high school football, so it seemed like a perfect fit.”

Don’t look for picks. Just a preview of up to 50 area teams. The second Big Country Blitz is going to be available at the end of July and August.