The Comanche Indians were a completely different team this year compared to last year. After going 1-9, to 9-1 district champions this season, the guy that helped them turn it around is sophomore running back Sawyer Wilkerson.

Sawyer Wilkerson said, “It’s special, but it’s not all just me. It’s my teammates too and o-line, everybody. It’s very cool.”

Head coach Jake Escobar said, “Well, you know, he’s unique because he’s big, and strong and fast. At any given time he can break it. He’s a weapon in that and he caught a couple passes, he caught two touchdown passes. One in the playoff game and one in early. So he’s able to catch the ball and to me that’s a valuable weapon.”

Wilkerson was the commanding officer of the offense this year with over 2600 yards.

Escobar added, “Well, ya know, going back to last year, this year just speaks for itself. He works hard. He takes hard coaching. Last year when he came into the season, I guess week eight, week nine, I was really tough on him because he’s a freshman. when you’re on varsity, regardless of what grade level. You get coached like you’ve been on varsity for four years. that’s just the natural tendency you have with Freshman and JV. Then it goes to varsity. I think it took him awhile to adapt to that. After he adapted to that, I think he understood what we were trying to do.”

Sawyer looked up to his brother growing up. Which led to his love for the game with a stitched brown ball to carry into the end zone.

Wilkerson added, “Probably when I was a kid watching my brother play and growing up watching sports. Yeah, I started playing football with my brothers and friends and started liking it.”

Last season, he went out early with a hip injury. Coming back from that took a lot of recovery.

Sawyer said, “I definitely had to stretch and do a lot of leg workouts. On my right side, it was weaker than the other. During the offseason, I decided to work a lot harder than I usually had to ’cause I was injured. So, it was a lot of work.”

Wilkerson led the Indians to the second round of the playoffs where they fell to Bells. He says there’s a lot of room for growth going into his junior year next season.

Wilkerson added, “We had a good run, but I wish we would’ve went longer, but we can’t take away from what we did this year, winning a district championship and going to the second round. It was good, but we plan on doing better next year.”

Sawyer Wilkerson, sophomore running back for the Comanche Indians is your 2022 BCH Sports Underclassman of the Year.