ABILENE, Texas (BCHSports)– The Cooper Cougars are 11-5 overall this season and 2-1 in district play after winning four of their last five games.

They may only have one week of 4-5A play in so far, but their wanting to keep it going for four more weeks.

Head coach Brandon Stover said, “Well we’re young and I mean we’re learning how to win. So, we’re still in that process and gonna be in that process for a while. We did what we needed to do and come out of there 2-1 in district and won our other two games on Friday so we should have some confidence to be throwing some and about where we’re going. There’s a long way to go and that was three of the eighteen district games, so fifteen left and we need to keep pushing forward to keep playing better and better as we go.” Stover also added, “You know we wanna keep our destiny in front of us and have a chance to be a playoff team and we wanna keep working towards that goal and that’s something we haven’t done here at Cooper for a while and so we need to kind of put that foot forward to try and step up and get to that playoff spot. “

The Cougars continue district play this week hosting both Thursday’s game with Lubbock Coronado and Saturday’s against Lubbock Monterey.