The Cooper Cougars are 0-2 on the season after losing the Crosstown Showdown in Week 2.

Most teams find a way to move on after losses.

This time around, though, the Cougars are recovering from their first loss to Abilene High since 2018.

Aaron Roan says it was up to the seniors to get things turned around.

Gavin Garcia and Michael Ramos say team meeting helped the team move forward.

Gavin Garcia said, “We had to come together as a team. We had to get a lot of emotions out from last year. Last week was an emotional game. A lot of us were mad, upset, sad because it was the Crosstown Showdown. None of us want to lose. I feel like we talked about it, did what we needed to do, and we are ready for this week.”

Michael Ramos said, “We just made sure to focus on the little things in practice, just being able to finish, no matter what, even if it’s hot outside, all of that. (We can’t) let things get to us. We’ve just got to make sure we finish, and help bring up our teammates with us.”

Cooper is at home for the third week in a row.

They host the San Angelo Central Bobcats in the school’s first meeting since 2012.